NZOWU has adopted Drug Free Sport New Zealand's (DFSNZ) Sports Anti-Doping Rules (SADR) and all members of NZOWU will abide by these rules and all aspects of these anti-doping rules.   This allows DFSNZ jurisdiction for all aspects of doping control at events officiated on the NZOWU Calendar.

We are also bound by the international regulations of WADA, so all members have a responsibility to ensure that they understand clearly these regulations.

Drug Free Sport NZ (Drug Free Sport NZ) have available a suite of information and support tools available to Clubs and Athletes:

All athletes must be aware of Wrestling NZ's Anti-Doping Policy which is listed under NZOWU Policies.

For the most up-to-date information relating to anti-doping, check out the following two links:

Introduction to anti-doping (do's and dont's):

International regulations: