NZOWU has adopted Drug Free Sport New Zealand's (DFSNZ) Sports Anti-Doping Rules (SADR) and all members of NZOWU will abide by these rules and all aspects of these anti-doping rules.   This allows DFSNZ jurisdiction for all aspects of doping control at events officiated on the NZOWU Calendar.

We are also bound by the international regulations of WADA, so all members have a responsibility to ensure that they understand clearly these regulations.

Drug Free Sport NZ (Drug Free Sport NZ) have available a suite of information and support tools available to Clubs and Athletes:

All athletes must be aware of Wrestling NZ's Anti-Doping Policy which is listed under NZOWU Policies.


Check out how a supplement changed Cassien Fien's life:

For the most up-to-date information relating to anti-doping, check out the following two links:

Introduction to anti-doping (do's and dont's):

International regulations:

Drug Free Sport NZ offer many free online courses for all club members/athletes.  

As an example, they have a Clean Sport Values Youth Education Programme (YEP) which has been designed This to support youth athletes on a values-based journey of clean sport, and aims to empower them to make good decisions while promoting the wellbeing concepts of Te Whare Tapa Whā.  There are five lessons as follows:

Lesson 1 is a 60-minute workshop facilitated by one of our Athlete Educators, which begins the conversation aroung NZ sporting values such as fair play, respect and equality. It is an interactive learning experience that allows rangatahi to explore clean sport tikanga and positive sporting behaviours through a variety of engaging group activities.

Lessons 2-4 are e-Learning courses that look at more specific areas connected with clean sport, still from a values-based perspective:

Lesson 2: Understand the consequences of doping (including the negative impact of doping on health & equality, and positive behaviours that contribute to self-care).

Lesson 3: Supplement risks and food first approach to athlete nutrition (including how to negate peer pressure when it comes to making decisions).

Lesson 4: Continuing your clean sport journey (including doping control processes and the rights and responsibilities associated with being a clean athlete).

We encourage everyone to invest some of your time to complete these short modules :  Education | Drug Free Sport New Zealand

SAVE THE DATE - Athlete Forums:  Explore Anti-Doping Issues in NZ and Abroad

23 March 2023 - North Shore

22 June 2023 - Auckland Central