NZ had a team of five wrestlers participate in the Australia Cup held in Brisbane last weekend with everyone succeeding on the podium. 

Brahm  Richards won Gold with 4 in his 70kg freestyle weight in which he looked very good and made his opponents  look very ordinary.   Healso won Bronze in 72kg Greco.

Joe Dobson won Bronze in the 97kg freestyle division with four in this weight he lost 2.

Hunny Tehlan was in the 79 kg which was the largest weight with 9, he came away with Bronze and Silver in 77kg Greco.

Ryan Heketa was in the 86kg freestyle division, and collected the Bronze, with 6 in his weight.  As a first year wrestler, great result.  He also won Bronze in his greco wieght  with three in his division.

There were a few athletes  from  all around the world who have immigrated to Austraila which does make  it an interesting tournament.  There was a Japanese athlete,  Russia,  Germany,  India,  Samoa and Turkey.  It was just a pitty the numbers were not more.