2024 Olympic Games - Paris

Nominations are now open for wrestlers and team support to form part of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games Long List.  Please note the following criteria to be eligible: 

1.      You must be a current and active member of an NZOWU affiliated club and a member of NZOWU 

2.      You must be 19 years or older 

3.      You must be a NZ citizen or have Permanent Residency 

4.    You must have zero debt and/or money owed to NZOWU.  

Please refer to the Olympic Games Nomination Criteria and note in particular the compulsory key events that athletes will be required to compete in, in order to be considered for qualification: 

Participation (and qualifying) in these events, does not give you automatic selection into the Games team.  Final selection is made by NZOC, not NZOWU.  NZOC will look at an athlete’s history to assist in their deliberations as to who might be selected.  Participation and success in other international events could assist in this.  All costs incurred in participating in the above events will be at the nominee’s expense. 


Throughout the year those athletes who wish to be considered for selection to this Games team will be advised of other national and compulsory events such as training camps that they will be expected to attend.  The selection panel will consider attendance and participation at these events as part of the selection process.  


Nominations must be sent by email to Christine Diggins no later than 20 March 2023.  No late nominations will be accepted as these then need to be considered by our National Selection Panel and forwarded to NZOC.